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Conspiracies within conspiracies
Nov 15, 2015
If you like stories with subplots within plots, conspiracy theories, and lots of surprises, this is the book for you. The further into the book you read, the more you will wonder which main faction (the Liberty Party or BASIA) is on the side of "good" or even if there is a "good" side. The book has good character development and does a good job of portraying the emotions, thoughts, and concerns that certain characters would feel when faced with some of the decisions that confront them, including engaging in potentially "treasonous" behavior. While the overall story is far-fetched and involves technologies that exceed what currently exists, the basic elements confirm to reality enough -- terrorism, survivalists, invasion of civil liberty, use of genetic/medical information about individuals to make decisions about their futures, a faction focused on God's "will", a "patriotic" political party -- to make it theoretically plausible. Well worth the read.
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