Dinosaurs, Aliens And The Shop That Sells Everything
Duncan Saunders 1 Review
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Book Type Fiction
Publisher Grimlock Press
Publish Date Jan 12, 2014
ISBN 1909587915 (Print)1909587052 (eBook)
When Gordon takes a job at the local department store, he couldn't possibly know every item that's sold, but when he finds dinosaurs, aliens and carnivorous chickens, he realises that there's something about the shop that's not quite normal. From strange and violent games to cross-breed animal men, Gordon's life is about to change forever, but he must never tell of the shop's secrets, or face the consequences. This character-rich story is guaranteed to set your heart racing and once it has you in it's grip, like a man-eating plant, it won't let you go.
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More Than a Department Store
Nov 13, 2017
Gordon has a job interview at Dr. Melchior’s Emporium of Magnificence, a department store that sells things one couldn’t possibly find anywhere else. As a child, Gordon frequented the store with his parents and remembered the side rooms filled with interesting artifacts, interconnecting doors, ramps, stairs, and passageways making Dr. Melchior’s shop a sophisticated maze. Brian Drakeswing, the General Manager, has a few curious questions for Gordon during the interview: Do you believe in Read More
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