Meet Me In The Garden
Rosa Sophia 1 Review
Meet Me In The Garden
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Book Type Fiction
Publisher Limitless Publishing
Publish Date Jan 5, 2015
Available in: PDF, Kindle
Memories of another life, and the garden where it all began, keep Amalie Jarvis awake at night. A columnist for a popular magazine, she attends a function in Palm Beach at the famous Breakers Hotel, only to cross paths with graphic designer Ian Gardner—who appears to hold the key to her visions. The more time they spend together, the more Amalie realizes how much she wants to be with him. And how much she fears admitting that she loves him. Ian can’t remember the past, but he is drawn to Amalie with an intense passion he’s never felt before. Many moons ago, they met in a garden. Different names, different faces—but their souls were still the same. Unable to resist her, Ian falls deeply in love. He remains by her side as she battles severe facial pain, not knowing what it is or if it could kill her. Frightened for her, he swears his adoration without ever speaking the words. But their devotion has dangers, and they’re about to be faced by hazards neither of them could have foreseen…
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Charming tale of a love longer than a lifetime
May 26, 2018 (Edited May 26, 2018)
This was a charming tale of love. A love from the past, and the present. While that can sound confusing the author strove to entertwine the two and weave them together into one tale. The characters had normal foibles, the heroine often found herself around people challenged with drinking issues for example. The casual style and plot development worked well together, along with secondary characters that filled in any gaps as they came along. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, human Read More
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