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Series Layers Series (Book 1)
Book Type Fiction
Genre Erotica, Romance
Publisher TL Alexander
Publish Date Dec 31, 2013
ISBN 9780991294817 (eBook)
Available in: PDF, EPUB, Kindle
Layers Newly updated 10/04/2017 Alexia Keith, self-proclaimed nerd and potty-mouth, is a beautiful, scotch drinking, complicated mess. In other words, she has issues, and the last thing she needs is her boss, Jaxson Ryan, CEO of Ryan Acquisitions, messing with her issues. She finds him "hard" and even harder to resist, but she must, he’s off limits. One of New York’s most eligible bachelors, Jaxson Ryan, is the poster boy for the tall, hot, conceited self-proclaimed manwhores. The only thing he wants is Ryan’s Risk Manager, Alexia Keith. What happens, when a man with a bedpost-notching waiting list, a man who thought he had it all, wants the only woman he can’t have? The Layer Series is written for adults, by an adult (this is questionable). It contains adult language, and adults doing adult stuff like hot sex and drinking scotch. It’s written for those who like to laugh and maybe shed a tear or two. Go to Goodreads TL Alexander Layer Series, and find out what readers are saying about the Layer Series. Layer Series Layers More Layers Beneath Layers Beyond Layers Life's a Bitchwad, a free Jules Cunningham novelette to be read only if you've read all other books. Go to http://www.tlalexanderauthor.com see what everyone is saying about the Layers Series http://www.tlalexanderauthor.com Please leave an honest review on this site and on Amazon and or other retail sites. You can say—given a free copy for honest review. Author Sandra Love Blog Layers Book One Rating 4 Stars ***RECEIVED COPY FOR BLOG TOUR*** Wow, loved this book. This is the first book I’ve read from this author and I am a fan for life. I loved the story and the characters. I thought it was really well written. I loved Alexia!!! She was a hardcore female character. She has a bad mouth that loves her scotch. I loved her boss Jaxson. He is the CEO. She comes back from vacation to get a shock. I don’t want to give away the story. This book has your drama, and romance with a twist of suspense. Someone is framing Alexia. But are Alexia and Jaxson meant to be together? Or are they a disaster? Great story and the ending wow!! I am just glad I have book 2. Rockin’ & Reviewing Empress DJ Layers Series 4.5 Stars This was my first exposure to T.L. Alexander, and shortly after beginning Layers, I hurriedly logged into Goodreads and added all her books to my TBR. Layers was a zippy read and good fun most of the through, with clever word-play, witty banter, steamy sensual scenes, and funny word salads. Although there was always this maddening secret that I knew was out there, but wasn't privy to. Then a nasty turn of events and a wicked cliffhanger totally wiped the smile from my face, squeezed my heart, and stole all the air from my lungs. I was devastated! I called the author every nasty name I could think of as I was totally invested in the story. That crafty she-devil had lured me in like a siren - only to let me crash on the rocks... And I would still be fuming, swearing, and stomping my feet if I didn’t already have books 2 and 3 on my kindle. Phew – crisis averted.
The Layers Series is a hot, fun, sexy read. Warning!!! Potty-mouthed characters!!! You can't just read the first book, you'll have to read them all. Layers is book one of four, plus a free downloadable novelette. You can read them back to back, no waiting for the HEA. Wow! When does this ever happen? Like never—right? Reviews are everything to indie authors. Please leave an honest review on Amazon @http://www.amazon.com/Layers-TL-Alexander-ebook/dp/B00HFKC99I/ Goodreads www.goodreads.com/book/show/19571966-layers Like me on www.facebook.com/pages/TL-Alexander/ Tweet me @ tlalexanderboo1 Finally! After you've read all four of the Layers books, Layer, More Layers, Beneath Layers, and Beyond Layers go to my website and download Life's a Bitchwad. A Jules Cunningham, novelette. http://www.tlalexanderauthor.com/books-reviews-buy-links/ While you're there, check out my other books! TL Professional Reviews Reviews From Uniquec’s Book Blog http://uniquecsblog.blogspot.com Layers 4 out of 5 stars Kindle Copy for Review Alexia Keith did not think her life would change drastically when she returned from her vacation. She is brash with a potty mouth who loves her scotch. Alexia has her own issues and does not need her boss CEO of Ryan Acquisitions, Jaxson Ryan into the mix despite how much they both want each other. On her first day back to work, she finds she been fired and that she supposedly embezzled millions of dollars but due to the CEO infatuation with her he manages not to get her arrested despite the board members. Jaxson Ryan is one of the most eligible bachelors out there as women flock to him. He only wants Alexia even after they shared one night in Dublin. She keeps him at bay since that night despite how much he tries to win with gifts. Someone is trying to frame Alexia but they are not sure who or why especially, when her place is broken in and trashed. She finds herself under house arrest at Jaxson’s place for ninety days. Can they be able to resist being that close for that amount of time only time will tell? For The Love Book Blog http://forthelovebooks.blogspot.com Review on Series~ *4 Stars* *ARCs Provided by author in exchange for an honest review* Let me tell the immediate thing I loved about this book...Jax & Alexia already know each other. Seems strange that that would be the best thing but it was. There are books when I just want to skip to the good parts and leave out how they met. Alexia is the risk manager for Jaxson Ryan's company and he has wanted her from the day he hired her. Alexia has made Jax off limits. She certainly doesn't deny his is hot as all hell. I mean truly, he is so very swoon worthy. We embark on this journey of Jax & Alexia's "off limits" relationship until it's not. And when they finally admit their feelings it turns into one STEAMY story! Be prepared ladies.. it's HOT! Some of the scenes are SO hot even I was blushing (and that is unusual for me!) I also found this series to have a lot of humor. Jules was constantly cracking me up and I loved the friendship that Jules & Alexia had. I also found there was never a dull moment with Jax & Alexia. They were always bickering but making it up in steamy ways. The first book, Layers, leaves off in a pretty dramatic way and I had to get into book 2, More Layers, right away. It's 2 years after book 1 when Jules & Nick get married in Vegas. Alexia & Jax are reunited again but Alexia has a BIG secret. I have to say I wasn't AS big of fan of book 2 as I was book 1. I can't really put my finger on why but I just loved the original banter between Alexia & Jax in Layers more. Beneath Layers is the perfect ending for Alexia & Jax. Of course it had it's drama but I felt that Alexia & Jax story was truly complete at the end. The great thing about this story is that it is unique. It's not often that you can find a series that can pull all the emotions. At times I was sad, shocked, mad, laughing my butt off.. I love that in a book and the Layers Series was able to do that. If you want something different, saucy, and romantic at the same time this series is for YOU. But be warned... this is a HOT HOT HOT series! Not safe for work!! ;) Brenda’s Book Beat Blog http://brendasbookbeat.blogspot.com Layers Series by TL Alexander 4 stars Brenda’s Book Beat Blog TL Alexander is new to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I just jumped into this series with both feet. Let me just say…. I love TL Alexander. Layers introduces us to Jaxson Ryan and Alexia Keith. Wow what an introduction it was. I liked the way the drama begins to unfold and moves along at a pace that’s not exaggerated or forced. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review. More Layers 4 stars This book catches up to Alexia and Jaxson as well as their friends and family. Without spoiling it I can’t say more about that. But the depth of the story, characters and descriptions gives life to this series. You should catch up …quick. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review. Beneath the Layers 4 stars The writing of TL only gets better and you can see it in the continuation of the story from this family, blood and chosen. I was lucky enough to read these stories back to back and I suggest you pick them up all at once or you will be upset. Fabulous series How Crazy sex and wickedly funny non-curse words. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review. Kris and Vik Book Therapy Cafe http://www.krisandvikbooktherapycafe.com Review of Layers Four Coffee Drinking Smut Beans I really enjoyed this book. This is my first book by this author, and I look forward to reading many more from her. I really enjoyed her writing style and her witty way with words. This was a story of finding your one true love and convincing her to take a chance on love and finding your fairytale ending. This story had it all, humor, hot hot sexy times, angst, and everything in between. Alexia was such a strong independent women. She didn’t take any shit from anyone and she followed her own rules, even when I wanted to ring her neck and throttle her ass, she still stuck to her stubborn ways. It’s not everyday you read a story where you love the secondary characters just as much (and at time slightly more) than the main two characters. I loved the cast of this book – they ware charming, hilarious, and so damn lovebirds swear my cheeks hurt from all the smiling I was doing. And let us not forget about Jaxson ! He was a dream come true. Handsome, emotional, honest, and the mouth on him, honey! Pack ever damn pair of panties you have girls, cause he will damn near melt every last pair clean off! I just warn you beautiful babies though, book one ends in a bit of a cliff hanger, so make sure have book two ready and waiting, trust me you will need it! Jesus, that Mia is a God damn trip! I look forward to peeling away each and every juicy layer (see what I did there?) of this series, one amazing book at a time. Find more Reviews, comments and other fun stuff at www.tlalexanderauthor.com
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Hot and funny!
Apr 5, 2015
Layers was a really great book that will capture your attention from start to finish. This was one book that had me laughing out loud at times. The book had a really great story line. Alexia at times had a potty mouth on her but she was great. Jaxson at times seemed more serious but he could be funny too. Put both of them together in bed and they are like dynamite. Alexia ends up being framed for embezzling money from work and Jaxson is the CEO of the company. He warns of what is happening. Read More
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Non-Stereotypical Romance
Oct 13, 2016 (Edited Nov 11, 2016)
Oh my gooood here I go again... falling in love with smexy, well developed fictional characters. I can't help myself, these two are to die for!! If you're looking for a fast paced story that will keep you glued to your seat from start to finish, THIS IS A GOOD ONE!! I need a permanent copy in my library! Alexia is definitely the most spunky, gorgeous potty mouth I have ever had the good fortune of reading about. I liked that the reader put a little explanation before the story because, yes, it's Read More
Comment from the Author
Thank you, Marybeth, for reading and reviewing Layers. And let's not forget posting on every site known to man(-: Ha. Ha. I left a message on your review site. You Rock! TL Alexnder
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I want to be her best friend!
Oct 7, 2016 (Edited Oct 8, 2016)
Oh I love Alexia! She'd all spunk and bite. She an absolutely gorgeous woman, has men falling over her, and just doesn't care. She often drops swear words in and dresses (except when at work, when she's all professional) for comfort. Jaxson is her boss. He's rich and stunning and keeps chasing Alexia. At first, the story seems to have gaps, but the author slowly reveals to us their past and it all comes together nicely. The story starts when Alexia arrives back from holidays and is accused of Read More
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Confused Beginning but Then Hooked
Jun 11, 2015
This is the first book I read of TL Alexander. At first I thought I started the book from the middle instead of the beginning, but once you get more of the background of the characters you are hooked. Not sure if I enjoy the way the characters talk to the reader, takes a little time to get used to it. By the end of the book I loved it. I enjoyed the drama between the Alexia and Jaxson but also the romance. It has a little of everything in this book. After reading this book, I ordered the other Read More
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5 Reviews
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Apr 1, 2015
Overall, I enjoyed the book. There were some parts that really made me laugh out loud. Very good imagination. Very good story line and plot. Characters were well developed. Jaxson strong and confident in the boardroom and bedroom. Alexi, hides her feelings until it comes to describing loving Jaxson. The sex between them is definitely hot and frequent. Loved Jules (best friend). Alexi's other best friends Marco and Henry are strong and confident and good for support. Some emotional responses Read More
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6 Reviews
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Good characters, flows smoothly,
Oct 12, 2016
First, I Hate cliffhangers! But the story and characters seem well defined. Alesia ,made me snicker many times! Sometime I was caught off guard! She was a sassy one. Then Jax,not only was a womanizer but also a con and uses his money to get what he wants and control people.That is what he did to Alexia. But over all written good and flows smooly but I knew there would be swearing but I just found a lot, and I mean a lot of the F***ing word. Now I am not a prude but that word does not make for Read More
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16 Reviews
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Ab-so-freaking-lutely Awesome
Nov 2, 2015
I don't know what else to say, how to put into words that I adore this book. I loved it from beginning to end! Alexia is my kind of girl and well, all of her friends remind me of people I know or hangout with. The book progressed rather lovely and it kept me absolutely enthralled with it. If you love roller coasters and laughs, read this book! Great read!
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OMG Where is the next book!
Jul 2, 2015
All I know is that I read this book in only a few hours because I couldn't put it down! Just when you think you know where the book is going, it makes a turn and makes you want more! I totally see how the author got the title! I cannot wait to read more of Layers!
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Book filled with layers
Jun 7, 2015
Layers is the first book in the Layers series by TL Alexander. The beginning of the story leaves you wanting to know more. At the end of the first chapter, I could not wait to finish the book. The author did a good job of creating a realistic world that was easy to picture including a time frame and place. I was easily pulled in the writer’s world. The pace of the story was very fast paced. It was hard to keep up with at times. The main characters and the secondary characters were fascinating Read More
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A must read series that will drive you bat s*** but so worth every moment
May 28, 2015
Holy mother of all hotness, leaves you grasping for more. Jaxson and Alexia's story is funny crazy as s*** funny and a great series that is a must read!! I was given a copy by Reading Alley for an honest review.. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride because part one will leave you hanging on the edge.. Love, mystery, secrets everything including hot steamy sex wrapped up in this incredible series.. Take the leap and experience for yourself the ride through Jaxson and Alexia's life and don't let Read More
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