Happily Never After
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Book Type Fiction
Pages 217
Publisher Soul Mate Publishing
Publish Date Sep 2, 2015
After being shot in a brutal attack outside her office, no-nonsense Assistant District Attorney Kelsey Brackston suffers from PTSD, panic attacks that won’t allow her return to work. In need of a fresh start, she heads to California to accept a job from her brother. All seems to be going well until the past comes hunting. Someone wants to kill her—again. Former SWAT officer Bode Taggert doesn’t want to feel anything for anyone after a split-second decision caused the death of an innocent woman and nearly ruined his life. He’s pulled himself out of the bottle and has one last chance to be a cop again—the only thing he’s ever wanted. When Kelsey asks for his help hunting down a stalker, he resists, knowing the sizzling attraction he feels for her could jeopardize his focus. Kelsey’s determination to put the past behind her and move on with her life is the one thing that he can’t resist, and despite his intention to remain uninvolved, Bode falls for the sexy lawyer. While he and the police are focused on catching the stalker, however, Kelsey vanishes. With his career—and his heart—on the line, Bode will stop at nothing to find her. But will their newfound faith in each other be enough to save the day? Or will the demons from their pasts destroy them both?
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Great blend of romance and suspense
Feb 21, 2017
I've been berating myself for taking so long to read this! From the first page, the author drew me into her world with her vivid descriptions and kept me at the edge of my seat with suspense and action packed excitement. I love Kelsey and I feel for her for suffering from PTSD and panic attacks--I know (not first hand) how debilitating they can be and how helpless they make you feel. So here we have a relatable heroine, a yummy hero, and great storyline with unexpected twists and turns. There were Read More
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58 Reviews
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Fear at every turn
Dec 17, 2015
This was an enjoyable read full of suspense, with lots of twists and turns. The story features loss, violence, fear, and mental illness, but also a love story. The author does a good job at describing emotions. When Kelsey has a panic attack, the reader can feel the fear she is experiencing. The story has a steady pace and keeps the reader engaged. The reader will be amused by some of the interactions between Kelsey and Bode, the two main characters.
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Romance with Suspense
Nov 26, 2015
An ADA from Dallas named Kelsey Brackston is suffering from PTSD after being shot. She moves to Redding to be closer to her brother and meets Bode Taggert a local cop. There is nothing easy about their relationship and they both have to work on themselves in order to be ready for each other. The story is written so that you want to find out what happens next to the characters. If you like your romance to be suspenseful then this is a great read.
Gold Reviewer
73 Reviews
Between the title and the author, this is a book I had to pick up regardless of the book blurb. I liked this title because I enjoy books which do not have happily ever after endings. The author's name intrigues me because as soon as I saw this book as romantic suspense, I wondered if the author's name is really her name or if it is a nod to my much beloved Nancy Drew books. With no expectations at all, I dived into this book and enjoyed it. Kelsey Brackston represents many women I know in this Read More
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Happily Never After
Nov 6, 2015
I had received this book from Reading Alley to read and review. The plot and the pacing of the story was absolutely amazing. The characters and their development throughout the story was really good. This auditor's writing style was fantastic. My overall impression of this book is that it's a must read. I would highly recommend this book.
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Great story
Nov 1, 2015
ADA Kelsey Brackston and Detective Bode Taggert made a good couple, even when they didn’t know they’d make a good couple. It was nice when they first met, when she was definitely wishing she was somewhere else and she had no idea of who he actually was. She’d been recovering from a recent attack and small confined spaces had a way of unnerving her at unexpected times. It had suspense, drama, some humor, and some intensity, as well as, some other characters who definitely need their own stories Read More
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Loved this story
Oct 20, 2015
This was a crazy intense story. I loved it! Trying to start over and overcome a horrific incident is tough. But to have things follow you add to it all. Luckily or unluckily there is a yummy detective there to help. There was a good amount of surprises and turns. I really enjoyed reading this Author. A great story.
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Romance with a twist
Oct 15, 2015
I enjoyed the story very much. The characters were well developed the inclusion of the post traumatic stress disorder was done quite realistic by the author, which made the story and the characters more interesting. The pace was good and the story was written in such a way that I was hoping it would end well but was never quite sure it would. Overall a great romance story with a few twists and suspenseful till the end.
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Didn't see that end twist coming
Oct 12, 2015
I received a copy via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review. Happily Never After is told in alternating points of view between Kelsey and Bode. It is a very clean romance, just so beware. There’s just a little heat but it kind of threw me as I was reading they were kissing passionately, and later had coffee together in the morning. Kelsey, is a top notch assistant district attorney in Dallas, but is recovering from being shot by a felon. Unable to shake off the panic attacks, and the Read More
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Thanks for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Samaraa Nisha Nair
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Thrillingly romantic
Oct 11, 2015
Kelsey is a top notch ADA. However after being shot by a criminal, she finds it difficult to piece her life back together in Texas and moves to Redding, to be closer to family. Her brother David and his family, together with Ann, the director of the foster group where Kelsey and David grew up, seem to be just what the doctor ordered. However trouble follows Kelsey as she continues to suffer from panic attacks and keeps seeing the guy who shot her, whom the police killed. Is Kelsey losing her mind? Bode, Read More
Comment from the Author
Samaraa, Thank you for taking the time to read and review. Glad you enjoyed it!
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