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Series Layers Series (Book 2)
Book Type Fiction
Genre Erotica, Romance
Publisher Crazy Writer Books/TL Alexander
Publish Date May 21, 2015
ISBN 9780991294848 (eBook)
Part two of the Layers Series, More Layers. All four books, plus a free novelette are published. No waiting for the HEA! Alexia Grant wanted the happily-ever-after, the fairytale ending. What she got, was her heart shattered into 5.689 million pieces. It’s been over two years, 936.5 days to be exact, since she last laid her eyes on Jaxson Chase Ryan. She thought she was ready to see him, but now that he’s just feet away, in a crowded elevator, she realizes she’s not. Maybe she’ll be ready to see him in another 12.135863024 months, maybe never. She’s moving her family and Grant International headquarters to New York. What was she thinking? How can she live in the same state, or even on the same continent with the man who wrecked her and still owns her shattered heart? Jules and Nick are getting married, in Vegas. Jaxson Ryan is the best man; Alexia Grant is the maid of honor. He came to her hotel, for answers, for closure. What was he thinking? Now that she’s standing just feet away, in a crowded elevator, he knows there will never be closure, because he still wants and needs her more than his next breath. Alexia Grant—After I returned to London, I wanted to hate him. But it’s hard to hate someone when a part of them is renting out space in your belly. Jaxson Ryan—I wish she would look up. I need to swim, to float, in those ocean eyes. What? What am I doing? I came here for closure not to reopen long closed doors and rekindle lustful desires. The Layer Series is written for adults, by an adult (this is questionable). In contains adult language, and adults doing adult stuff like, hot sex and drinking scotch. It’s written for those who like to laugh and maybe shed a tear or two. Go to Goodreads TL Alexander Layer Series, and find out what readers are saying about the Layer Series. Layer Series Layers More Layers Beneath Layers Beyond Layer Samantha’s Story (Available on Amazon) Life's a Bitchwad, A Jules Cunningham novelette. Available as a free PDF download. Go to www.tlalexanderauthor.com/giveaways/ What are readers Saying about More Layers Received e-copies for honest reviews. If you want something different, saucy, and romantic at the same time this series is for YOU. But be warned... this is a HOT HOT HOT series! Not safe for work!! ;) For The Love Book Blog More Layers 4 starsThis book catches up to Alexia and Jaxson as well as their friends and family. Without spoiling it I can’t say more about that. But the depth of the story, characters and descriptions gives life to this series. You should catch up …quick. Brenda’s Book Beat Blog. More naughty goodness continues with More Layers, the second of series, which I actually enjoyed more than I expected. More Layers provided more intrigue as well as a hefty dose of steam and family drama. Empress DJ Rockin’ & Reviewing. The story continues and I love this book even more than the first one. I still love Alexia and I find her to be funny with a bad mouth. Author Sandra Love Blog.
Book two of Layers Series. Must read book one Layers first. Please leave an honest review on the following sites. Amazon http://www.amazon.com/More-Layers-Book- Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/19571970-more-layers Like me on FB www.facebook.com/pages/TL-Alexander/ Tweet me @ tlalexanderboo1 And give a shout-out to all your reader girlfriends and guys. If you have any questions comments or just want to say hey(-: Contact me on the following sites. Check out my other books while you are there(-: www.tlalexanderauthor.com Thanks TL(-:
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Oct 28, 2016
A great read for those who enjoy a suspenseful romance and love story. The characters are well developed and are easily relatable with their personalities. It is a brilliant sequel though it still leaves us in suspense at then end. The erotic scenes are good but still respectful of the characters. Over all a great read for those who love a good romance novel.
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A rocky, but great ride!
Oct 7, 2016
Part two for this series starts with Jaxson revealing how he found out Alexia's secret, what's happened since to him and that its several years since he's seen her. He's about to see her again, for the first time, just before their bests friends wedding. They have both grown up a lot, but Jaxson has some weird stuff going on, and I was really confused between his thoughts, what he was saying to Alexia and what she was seeing! Eventually the author makes it clear though, but I still want to slap Read More
Gold Reviewer
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We learn much more about Alexia!
Aug 5, 2015 (Edited Aug 5, 2015)
More Layers is a great continuation of the Layers series in where Alexia and Jaxon cannot talk to each other or keep their hands off. So when they run into each other at the wedding of their two best friends in Vegas as they make a bigger mess of the situation. I love TL Alexander’s voice in this series. And want to read the third book in the series to find out what happens to Jaxon, Alexia and everybody else.
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7 Reviews
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Loved it!
May 29, 2015
After reading the first installment I couldn't wait to find the this one. Thankfully I found it right away and started reading. TL Alexander should win some awards for her brilliant characters. Wonderfully well written!
Regular Reviewer
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Wow and the story continues.. Worth the wait!!
May 28, 2015
A great book to continue the story of both Alexis and Jaxson.. They have been through bell and back and will have to go through it again just to get to their happy ever after. Take this challenge and get to know both of these crazy couple that just makes you laugh, cry and go WOW.. You will also get a deeper view of those that Alexia holds close to her and some of her secrets are reviled to Jaxson. Will their love survive, they will be tested to their braking point. This copy was given a to me in Read More
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Tinker Hell rides again!
Mar 14, 2017
Alexia's nemesis is once again at the forefront for another rip-roarin' ride! Still in Jaxson's life (and a thorn in her arse!), I'm almost ready to say Mia is as much about the book as Lex. You can't help but think, "now what will she do?" It's wonderful how this story began with just a small bit of embezzlement and it is has blossomed into so much more. You find the top layer which leads to another and another. So many layers! The story is fast-paced with each character rendered Read More
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Oct 20, 2016
What a great read, loved the first book, loved the second. Each character has a direct personality, and I love each one of them, they mix together so well and you can understand the friendships and how they complement each other, we all have this group of friends and we all know life would suck without them. I'm loving the little darkness in this book the little bit of mistery, the love, the fight, and the parenting. Can't wait to keep reading!!!
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captivating, amazing
Aug 29, 2017
All I an say is WOW. I loved this book even more than the first one if that is even possible. This book does a great job showing the continuation of the story of Alexia and Jaxson. This book had me going through a rollercoaster of emotions; I was tearing up, laughing, mad, and yelling from one minute to the next. I cannot wait to see how this story continues. Thank you Reading Alley and TL Alexander for allowing me to read and give a honest review of this awesome book.
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Caution: Steam ahead
May 11, 2017
Another exciting glimpse into this erotic novel The players are the same, but the turmoil is rapidly changing. Alexia secret ha been found out. She is not just a woman of means, but of a vast empire. The Grant's have been a name that has earned the respect of many and hated by others. Quickly Alexia steps into the CEO position that she has fought against and her grandmother insists. This strong woman is now a mother of two beautiful children that remind her of their father more each day. She has Read More
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Apr 23, 2017 (Edited Apr 23, 2017)
More Layers by TL Alexander is book number two in the Layers series.  This story picks up about two and half years after the first book Layers ended. I recommend you get the complete series so you can read the story straight through since they end in a cliffhanger.
 There are so many levels to this book with miscommunications, secrets, and twists. This series is called Layers which is exactly a perfect title since it is full of so many layers which takes a little longer to read. The characters Read More
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