Saving Michael
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Book Type Fiction
Pages 65535
Publisher unpublished
Publish Date May 15, 2018
Spooked by a terrifying storm and equally frightening, recurring dream, Melissa Jenkins had no idea the real nightmare was just beginning, and involved a family she’d never met. When the behavior of seventeen-year-old, Michael Rucker, becomes unmanageable, his parents take extreme measures to save him from himself. He is admitted to The Serenity Institute for behavioral change. Unbeknownst to his parents, the Institute’s lead scientist is conducting macabre experiments within the institute walls. Melissa, a high school senior, lives in the secluded, utopian-inspired community of the same name—Serenity Village. Shortly after childhood night terrors return, Melissa comes to realize the horrors of the institute, and the growing strangeness of the young people within the community. Meanwhile, she takes a liking to Michael and vows to help him escape. Simultaneously, Michael’s seventeen-year-old stepbrother, Gabriel Rucker, is also having recurring dreams that he feels may somehow be psychically connected to the girl who always appears. With less frequent, but more bazaar, contact with his stepbrother, Gabriel senses something is very wrong at the Serenity Institute and makes plans to save Michael from the facility. Gabriel and Melissa have a happenstance meeting, which generates a strong attraction that is both familiar and intense. Together, Melissa and Gabriel, along with an unlikely group of marauders, stage a hostile takeover of the institute in order to save Michael from an awful fate.
Saving Michael was released briefly (less than a week), and then retracted when Bison Publishing had to “dissolve.” I have since upgraded and added detail to make a much, much improved version.
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