Daisy's Choice
Mike Owens 2 Reviews
Daisy's Choice
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Book Type Fiction
Publish Date Mar 21, 2018
Available in: PDF, EPUB, Kindle
Nothing left to live for, that's how eighteen-year-old Daisy Sugarbush feels after an explosion leaves her blind, horribly disfigured, and in great pain. She wants all treatment stopped, just let her go, but the system doesn't work that way, and against her wishes, she is condemned to a life she doesn't want. A new therapist, with mysterious powers, can't reverse the changes to her charred body, but can he help her find a reason to live?
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Heartfelt and Emotional
May 17, 2018 (Edited May 17, 2018)
Daisy Sugarbush is not your average girl. She rather be fixing cars and unclogging toilets with her father than staying at home with her mother learning how to cook and clean. She always thought she should have been born a boy as anything domesticated surely did not interest her. Daisy could never reach her mother’s high standards in learning how to be the perfect wife and mother. All the wisdom she learned, she learned through her father. Her father was her anchor up until he became sick, Read More
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Gritty, heart rending realism
Apr 15, 2018
The author Mike Owens has crafted a realistic glimpse into what many chronic, long term disabled patients deal with. The characters were frighteningly real and well developed, the plot kept the story moving without any lulls or lags. The main thing that surprised me was the emotional impact the characters had. Each detail further painted the picture he was weaving, leaving you a more vivid portrait of the action going on. Later in the story some of the wrap up seemed a bit contrived. But it Read More
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