Beneath Layers
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Series Layers Series (Book 3)
Book Type Fiction
Genre Erotica, Romance
Publisher Crazy Writer Books/TL Alexander
Publish Date Mar 1, 2015
ISBN 9780991294879 (eBook)
Beneath Layers is book three of the Layers Series and the end of Alexia & Jaxson’s story. (Must be read in order to avoid hair pulling and e-book throwing!) Need more Layers fix. Read Beyond Layers. Go to for buy link and your free Life's a Bitchwad PDF, Jules' Story. Beneath Layers Alexia Grant was so close to her happily-ever-after, all she had to do is reach out a grab it… Jaxson Ryan was so close to having the woman, the life, he’s always wanted. But that was before… Alexia—The broken part of me—is me. It’s my blood, my flesh, and my bones. It’s cancer in remission, not to be disturbed. If it is, it will metastasize, it will kill me. Jaxson Ryan—We’d gone beyond, over the hurdle that had pushed us apart so many times before. I was close to touching that place she hides from everyone, even herself, but now… * * * Will Alexia find her inner Cinderella? Will Jaxson find that elusive glass slipper? Will Alexia come out of her dungeon and put that glass slipper on? Will they find their happily-ever-after? They just might. But…like everything in their complicated crazy-assed lives it won’t be easy. So, charge up that e-reader, pour yourself a drab, or three-fingers of scotch, pull up those granny panties, get comfy, and enjoy the ride. What are readers saying about the Layers Series? Go to Goodreads TL Alexander Layers Series. Layers Series Layers More Layers Beneath Layers Beyond Layers Life's a Bitchwad, a Jules Cunningham Novelette The Layer Series is written for adults, by an adult (this is questionable). It contains adult language, and adults doing adult stuff like hot sex and drinking scotch. It’s written for those who like to LOL. What are professional readers saying about Beneath Layers… Received ebooks for honest reviews. I was lucky enough to read these stories back to back and I suggest you pick them up all at once or you will be upset. Fabulous series How Crazy sex and wickedly funny non-curse words. Brenda’s Book Beat Blog. If you want something different, saucy, and romantic at the same time this series is for YOU. But be warned... this is a HOT HOT HOT series! Not safe for work!! ;) For The Love Book Blog. These books were enthralling, maddening, steamy, addicting, and just… delicious. Sigh, so glad they got their HEA, yet I am already feeling withdrawals. Empress DJ Rockin’ & Reviewing.
Available to those who reviewed Layers and More Layers (because you won't understand it, being a series and all) Dear awesome reader, I value each and every one of you. Please leave an honest review on the following sites. Amazon Like me on FB Tweet me @tlalexanderboo1 Don't forget Beyond Layers Samantha's HEA now available at Amazon go to for all book links. And when you're done reading Beyond Layers you will have questions about Jules. Go to my website for a free PDF of Life's a Bitchwad, Jules' HEA. Check out my new series Girlfriends, Goddesses, and Barflies. Book 1 One More Shot, features the blond hottie doctor Dino Collette. Thanks, girlfriends. You Rock!
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A great end to an awsome story!
Oct 7, 2016
Oh my gosh I cried in this one. I don't want to give away too much because I think that would spoil the previous two books but this one is really an emotional rollercoaster. By this third book (you need to read the previous two to understand what's happening) I was so invested in all the characters that all the bumps hit hard. This book answers most our questions, and reveals many twists. The one I still don't get is the ex-wife, I can't get into it, without giving too much away, but this twist Read More
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Nov 17, 2016
I loved this book yet again TLAlexander had me enthralled from the first page. I love the sex the swearing and just how real the characters are. The whole series has been great and I feel like I know each and every one of the characters so well. I can't wait to read more from this writer!!
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10 stars
Aug 31, 2017
Oh my gosh this series is just getting better and better. Jaxson and Lex have been through so much together and apart; just how far get someone be pushed before they break? Lex once again is left with questioning everything she has known and then must face her past to try and live once again. From the very beginning of this series you cannot help but feel for every person in these books; sometimes good thoughts and sometimes not so good. Jaxson is one of those people that you love but also hate sometimes Read More
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Hang on Cinderella
May 14, 2017
After reading the 3rd book in the series I am certain of a couple of things. I am so jealous of the lives they lead, the money they have, and love the feel. Jaxon and Alexia have faced many tough times in their personal and then again in their adult life. No matter the troubles they face they have been able to survive together. This book test the strength of their relationship. It isn't so easy to ignore when their are children involved. Mia, Jaxon's current wife, is a woman scorned. She Read More
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Excelente final
Mar 22, 2017
En mi opinion, tanto el desarrollo como el final de esta trilogia han sido extraordinarios, me ha gustado el hecho de que la escritora no ha caido en lo comun y nos ha regalado un desenlace con otros factores que no vimos como lectores, ha abordado el tema de la obsesion muy intdligentemente y fuera de lo comun, lo cual me gusto mucho ya wue fue inesperado, asi como el tema del abuso en varios aspectos y sobre todo el hecho de que todo gira en torno a la familia y no solo se enfoca en la historia Read More
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"A tangled web"?
Mar 17, 2017
I was wrong. THIS is a series! (Although it did take Alexia & Jaxson three books to get their lives untangled so they could be together, their HEA complete with friends and family. But I digress.) As I stated in my other reviews, this group felt like my family: I loved them so much! Each time something happened, it was "I wonder what so-&-so is going to think" or "they did WHAT??" So much happens to each and every one of these people, it's amazing. Questions Read More
Nadine Bookaholic
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This was a great ending to Alexia & Jaxson's story.
Jun 6, 2016
Alexia & Jaxson story is not an easy one to say the least. You NEED to read Layers and More Layers before this one, the first two books left you with cliffhangers and this book brings it all together. I would love to say that everything is tied up with a neat little bow but it's not. We aren't left with a cliffhanger as the previous two books but we are left with one very important question...WHY?!?! Now this question will erk you as much as it does me I am sure of it, I don't want to give spoilers Read More
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At last!
Apr 11, 2016
Alexia and jaxson has been through it all, sometimes i felt like they weren't going to make it. This book was so emotional, i cried and laughed, but mostly cried, and normally i can't wait to finish when a book is so good, this one i took my time because i knew it would be the last, and wasn't ready to let go yet. If you're looking to laugh, cry, feel exhausted but in a good way, and get really touched by a good story, this is your serie. Thank you Mrs. Alexander. Please let there be a spin Read More
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Apr 4, 2016 (Edited Apr 4, 2016)
It was such a hard journey… I am still recovering from all the angst, the pain, the loss, the darkness of the past (of ALL the characters), the twists and the bliss, too. Since I don’t want to spoil the story, I’ll just say this Book 3 is the darkest of the Series, the dark before the light. We go through so much, in so many aspects, with so many characters…. We finally discover mostly all the mysteries of the past (and not only in Alexia’s past), we feel their pain, their traumas, Read More
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Apr 3, 2016
This is the third book in the series. Lex and Jax are inspiring. They have been through so much together. There were several unexpected twists in this book. I laughed, but not as much as in the first book. I also cried "big fat ugly tears". Very good series. I received this book from Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.
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