Winds Of Time
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Book Type Fiction
Pages 250
Publisher Self Published
Publish Date Jun 25, 2018
ISBN 9781732390416 (Print)9781732390409 (eBook)
Available in: PDF, EPUB, Kindle
Tagline: The past is her future, the future, her past, but can she save an innocent man’s life before history repeats itself? Blurb: As long as Selena Tillman dreams of her ancestor, Mary, who disappeared without a trace in 1871, she’ll never find peace. As long as she dreams of the half-Native American army scout accused of killing Mary, she’ll never find love. Hoping to end the dreams and learn the truth, Selena goes to Texas where Mary and the scout died and sees more than ghosts. She sees a tornado kill Mary in real time before it jumps to the twenty-first century to pull Selena into its vortex and send her back to the nineteenth century. Selena believes she’s fated to prove Dylan’s innocence and save his life, but Dylan isn’t just the man of her dreams; he’s her destiny. Fed up with the army, bigotry, and women—especially white women, Captain Dylan Casey dedicates himself to solving the mystery of Mary’s disappearance, proving his innocence, and trying to stop a war between the whites and the Indians. Then Mary’s cousin shows up, claiming a tornado killed Mary. Dylan doesn’t trust Selena, but she’s his only ally in Canyon Creek. Yet despite their common goal, growing mutual attraction, and a Comanche shaman’s prophecy of a white woman who will change his destiny and foretell the fate of the Indian Nation, Dylan refuses to take a chance on another spoiled, white woman—until fate changes his mind.
Time travel, western historical romance with other paranormal elements.
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A Captivating Romance
Jun 13, 2018
The author carefully blended two genres to create a heart warming tale. It was done in such a way that it avoided most of the predictability, and gave the reader a reason to turn the pages. The pacing was fast enough to keep my attention, but slow enough to include details and allow the characters to develop as the plot progressed. What would any modern women do to adapt to such a sudden shift in the world around her? How would the people around her notice the differences? So many stories Read More
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I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Thank you for taking the time to read it and post a review.
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