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Book Type Fiction
Pages 358
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish Date Dec 10, 2013
ISBN 9781491085844 (Print)
Caught up in the political and social chaos of early 1st Century Jerusalem, Keziah, a young Jewess, and Roman soldier Demetrius think they're doing their best to navigate Judean life. Both filled with prejudices and incorrect notions of how it's meant to be, they end up creating even more misguided philosophies together after an accidental meeting one day. Demetrius finds himself developing an unhealthy attachment to Keziah, who is betrothed and then married to an older priest. And for her part, Keziah selfishly uses Demetrius as a distraction from her abusive husband. Yet their difficult situations and poor decisions ultimately lead them to a complicated discovery that can’t help but forever change their worldview... and the very world itself.
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Carefully crafted, but not a read to take lightly.
Dec 30, 2017 (Edited Jan 7, 2018)
The author had several problems writing this account. First, the plot was already set and details were already in place. So, there wasn't a lot of license in changing things to make the story flow better. And the reader has a challenge reading it, in that they know how it's going to end so it's hard to approach this like a new unread book. In fact, the story is well known and the author used several tactics to put a new, humanized slant that put the historical events in a different light, as if Read More
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