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Book Type Fiction
Pages 244
Publisher Stoked Publishing House
Publish Date Oct 31, 2016
ISBN 9781539949671 (Print)
Her irreversible decision tore them apart. He’s never forgotten the girl who changed his entire world. Will their future include a second chance at love? When Darcy catches sight of what she believes is her high-school sweetheart Zachary, the one whose heart and trust she broke a decade ago, she follows him despite knowing he’ll make her pay for that betrayal the moment he gets ahold of her. One stolen moment later and her world will never be the same again. Zachary hasn’t forgiven or forgotten the girl whose decision impacted both their lives and resulted in him being sent away by his parents. The instant she steps in his path again, he doesn’t resist the urge to get his hands on her in whatever way he can, and the result is an explosive confrontation that quickly reignites a passion he’s ignored for too long. Complicated lives mixed with past history leaves both of them reeling from their reconnection and faltering in what they’ve always wanted. Only nothing is simple and neither are prepared for what the future holds.
This book is a contemporary romantic fantasy. All isn't as it seems at first, so keep that in mind while reading the first few chapters! :) Happy reading!
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Surprising Twists And Heavy Romance!
Nov 17, 2016
This is a surprisingly suspenseful romance about Darcy and her first love Zach, the one that got away. After Darcy makes a huge decision without Zach, he's sent off to military school, never to be seen again. Well... that's what she thought, anyway. At their sudden and unexpected reunion, emotions sprint for the surface, threatening to change the course of both of their lives. They have both long since moved on from one another, but will things change when they reunite? Is the one that got away still Read More
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Had me hooked from the beginning!
Nov 14, 2016
As a teenager Darcy had a decision that would change hers and Zach's lives forever. Zach can't forgive Darcy for not trusting he could take care of her and getting him sent away to military school. 10 years later and Darcy can't believe her eyes, she needs a closer look to see if it really is Zach the boy she can't stop loving. Zach wants answers but he wasn't prepared for the feeling that went with seeing Darcy. With lots of plot twists and a full range of emotions nothing's is clear cut. Will Read More
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Raw and real romance full of drama and sexiness
Nov 8, 2016
Darcy and Zach fell in love as teenagers but when Darcy makes a monumental decision without consulting Zach, he leaves, breaking both their hearts. When Darcy runs into him at the bookstore, well, let’s say it’s an encounter to remember and we learn that neither character has forgotten, or gotten over, their first love. What will these two star-crossed lovers do? Darcy is engaged to be married and Zach is getting a divorce. Is there hope for a future? Violet Haze is a master artisan of romance Read More
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A real page turner!
Oct 13, 2017
Get captivated by how the author makes every moment exciting and sexy as Darcy and Zachary's paths crossed again. Do they really have overcome their pasts? Because it seems like meeting again has started something to them. Certainly, something happened. Will it be out of love? Or just out of anger sprouting from what happened in the past. I really love Zachary's character in this story, he has that very strong, punishing but manly character that every woman will surely love. And one thing is for Read More
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If I had You
Apr 27, 2017
I had received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book from Reading Alley to read and review. The plot and the pacing of the story was absolutely amazing. The characters and their development throughout the story was good. This author's writing style was awesome. My overall impression of this book is that it was absolutely amazing. I would highly reccomend this book.
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