Another Summer
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Book Type Fiction
Pages 215
Publisher Sue Lilley
Publish Date Dec 20, 2014
ISBN 1536809845 (Print)
Believing Joe doesn’t love her, Evie runs off to her grandmother’s remote cottage in Cornwall. She falls under the spell of hot rock singer Jake, who sweeps her off her feet and tempts her with the promise of a sexy new life in the sun. Meanwhile, Joe is shocked to come home and find Evie gone and he is spurred into action to win her back. But finding himself stuck on the road trip from hell, he has to battle through the worst weather the UK has seen in years, as well as his own inner demons, to drive to the other end of the country. But has Joe left it too late to save their marriage? Can he get to Evie before she chooses Jake? Or can he convince her one last time that they belong together?
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Nov 13, 2016 (Edited Nov 13, 2016)
This is what I like to call a "Grass is greener" romance. Evie believes her husband has given up on them. He doesn't love her so their marriage is over. It's a really sad thing to think, so I completely understand where she's coming from when she runs off to soothe her broken heart. It's in Cornwall where she sparks a new romance with an exotic, sexy, and talented rock singer, Jake. BUT, little does she know her husband hasn't given up on their marriage just yet! He loves her, truly loves Read More
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It blew my mind
Nov 27, 2017
This book was something else. Both characters still have a lot to learn about each other, or have to rediscover a lot about each other. It unnerved me at times, but it also helped me understand the actions or the decision they took. I really had no clue how it would end. So I went on with every page and kept on reading. And I liked what I read. Finally tired of being lied to, or finally tired of ignoring the ever present signs, Evie takes some time away from her marriage. Hoping to figure out Read More
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4 Stars!!
Jan 26, 2017
Evie has had a rough year and finding out that Joe lost his job 3 weeks ago was the last straw. She quickly leaves home to go to her grandmothers cottage to do some soul searching. Joe left his job before he was fired and nothing had panned out yet. He has cheated and lied for most of their marriage and now that Evie has left he realized that she is what he wants and hopes it's not to late. At the cottage Evie meets Jake. Jake is hot, young and very persistent, after spend time with him Evie Read More
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