The Forest Of Darkness Series, Books 1-3
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Book Type Fiction
Publisher Moonlight Magic Publishing
Publish Date Mar 9, 2017
ISBN 9781944538064 (eBook)
Sometimes ‘the one’ is a monster... Book 1, Mastering Darkness: Anthony, the Master Vampire of Atlanta, is losing himself to the tempting feel of the powerful darkness within. But a flirtations chance meeting with a beautiful human shocks his heart into remembering sensations he thought he’d long lost the ability to experience. Oblivious to the supernatural world existing in the shadows all around her, Kaia has secrets of her own, though, like why she’s the only human living at Wild Woods, home to Anthony’s bitter foe. Book 2, Abandoned Darkness: Sebastian, the cursed Alpha Wolf of Atlanta, has spent years honing the viciousness of his animal to bury his anger over a twist of fate he has no control over. What hope does Jade, a scaredy cat werejaguar who's always had a crush on him, from a distance of course, have of softening his hide? A nagging fight with the old Alpha heats up, and Sebastian’s own screw up threatens an important friendship. He aches to lash out more than ever… Book 3, Resisting Darkness: Ethan was a powerful Master Vampire. He wasn’t supposed to need help. Beckoning home the only vampire he’d ever made in order to exact long overdue justice, Ethan’s blood link to the killer was driving him mad. As he focuses on his plans for what and who might be left behind once he rights the heart wrenching wrongs of his past, a wickedly beautiful vampire named Harmony comes to town. The vigilante justice he’d been planning suddenly has an unavoidable, sexy wrinkle.
Thank you so much for your interest in The Forest of Darkness Series, Books 1-3! I hope you enjoy the stories. :) Reviews are so important to help authors grow their audience and hone their craft and I really appreciate the effort it takes for reviewers like yourself to read a novel, write a review and post your feedback online. Thank you so much! :) Have a great day! Kate :) Amazon: Goodreads:
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They just get better and better
Nov 27, 2017
I have mentioned several times before, I am in love with vampire books. I like werewolves, I don’t like as much other type of shifters, but I love vampires. So you can imagine my excitement over this series, especially because it covers a community of extraordinary beings, each trying to put order in their lives. Since I have to review the first three books in the series, I will quickly go through the plot and dive directly into the likes and (minor) dislikes. Mastering Darkness The Read More
Comment from the Author
I'm so glad you liked the series Lilly! Thank you for your in depth review of each book! Have a great day! :) Kate
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A nice start for a promising series
Jun 30, 2017
Oh, I do love me some boxed sets, I really do! Though it makes reading them - especially in time - quite hard, it's still worth it, especially when they prove to be amazing stories. In the first three books of the Forest of Darkness series, we see two Vampire Masters, and the Alpha wolf of Atlanta, as they struggle through not only the everyday danger that comes with being a powerful supernatural, but also their attempts at romance in their lives. Anthony, the Vampire Master of Atlanta, is Read More
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Lol. :p Thanks so much for your review, Mischievouskiri! I'm so glad you enjoyed the series, love and hate and all! :D Kate
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loved it
Jun 18, 2017
wow. this series pull you right into the stories leaving you breathless waiting to see what happens next. wonderful and imaginative writing, characters hot alpha males and spirited females and plot. the pacing of the stories were edge of your seat. i highly recommend reading this author. cant wait to read more from this author.
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I'm so glad you liked them Mary Alice! Thanks for your review! Kate :)
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Not a story for me.
Jun 1, 2017
I am sorry but I could not get into this story. Seemed like I was reading a text book, there was too much description of what the characters were doing . Also I was not drawn into the story since page one. I always know if I will like a book since the first few pages, but this was not the case. No one of the characters were interesting, not even a little. It did not work for me, so sorry I really wanted to like it because I do love the cover! :(
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Sorry this series wasn't for you, but thanks for your interest Jubb! Kate :)
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Truly Addictive Series.
May 28, 2017
It is official: I have a new series addiction. I went into the Forest of Darkness series expecting a decent enough paranormal series, something to get me by as I awaited the next books in the countless other series I’m reading. I expected it to be the kind of read that kept me entertained, providing me with a distraction until the releases I’ve been waiting for hit the shelf. What has now happened is that I have another series I’m obsessed with, one that is actually quite high up on my obsession Read More
Comment from the Author
Thank you so much for your thoughtful and eloquent review Si0bahn! I hadn't really thought much about the contemporary aspect of the stories vs them being paranormals. Thanks for pointing that out and so glad you liked them! :) Have a great day! Kate
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The thrill, the anticipation ascends with every book
May 17, 2017
REVIEW OF THE FOREST OF DARKNESS SERIES 1-3 I received a copy of this series of three books for reviewing through Reading Alley. Since I like to be fair, I would be reviewing each book in separate sections. WARNING: - These books have adult content. BOOK-1: MASTERING DARKNESS PEEK-A-BOO Can love keep his humanity from slipping away? The gruesome duties of being the Master Vampire of the Atlanta territory are enough Read More
Comment from the Author
Thanks so much for your thoughts on each book Preeti! I appreciate your feedback and glad you liked the books! Kate
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Fantastic Set of Stories
May 11, 2017
What a fantastic set of stories. Enjoyed them all. Book 1, Mastering Darkness was a great page turner. Good solid romance and characters. I really liked Kaia. The plot was quite interesting. Book 2, Abandoned Darkness was a good solid story. Sebastian so redeemed himself by the end. Book 3, Resisting Darkness brought a close to the three stories. Ethan wasn't as bad as we all thought. Good plot. The author did a great job with all three stories.
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So glad you liked them Bookreader7! :) Thanks so much for your review! Have a great day! Kate :)
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“Thank you for all that you are.”
May 7, 2017
Reading the Forest of Darkness series was really refreshing. There wasn’t any over the top drama and miscommunication that we usually see in romance novels, no matter what kind of emotional issues the heroes had, they were always treating the heroines with kindness and most importantly, even when they were fighting or were apart the main characters were always devoted to each other. “Why do you put up with me?” “Because you feel right. To my soul.” Book 1, Mastering Darkness: Anthony’s Read More
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Thanks so much for your feedback Fani! I really appreciate it! :) Have a great day! Kate
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Great series
Apr 23, 2017
I liked this series, and a good box set. It was very well written. Book #1: I found Anthony to be very interesting. Kaia was just beautiful inside and out. They had an instant connection. I enjoyed reading the story and their struggles. There were a few twists to the normal paranormal books that I found very interesting. Book #2: I enjoyed reading Sebastian's story. He was a fascinating and a well developed character. The story was good. I enjoyed reading about his history and different Read More
Comment from the Author
Thanks for your thoughtful critique MsLoriV! I take every reviewers comments to heart as I'm working on my next book so I really appreciate your honesty! So glad to hear you enjoyed this boxset of books 1-3. :) Kate
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Wow just wow. What a phenomenal book.(hehe no pun intended)
Apr 20, 2017
Wow just wow. What a phenomenal book.(hehe no pun intended) this book was an amazing. so artfully written and so thoroughly thought out. This whole series set was. Mastering Darkness, Book 1 The first book is Anthony and Kaia. Kaia is human and is living in the midst of a whole community of supernaturals. And has no clue. When one night she bumps into Anthony she has no clue just who or what she has bumped into. Or that he arranged for the bump as there is just something about Read More
Comment from the Author
Thank you so much Kimmie Sue! I really appreciate your feedback! :) Have a great day! Kate
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