Let The Dead Lie
W.L. Brooks 3 Reviews
Let The Dead Lie
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Series The McKay Series (Book 1)
Book Type Fiction
Publisher The Wild Rose Press
Publish Date Sep 15, 2017
A widower with four adopted daughters, Emmit McKay likes to keep a handle on things. But nothing can prepare the former FBI sharpshooter for the battles coming to his small hometown. Especially the one which arrives in such a tempting package. Savannah Walker moves to Blue Creek to take over as principal of the school Emmit’s daughters attend. With a masters’ degree in education and a no-nonsense attitude, she is caught off guard by the behavior of the McKay girls and never expects to fall in love with them—or in lust with their father. But her intimacy with the family stirs up rumors and unearths secrets. Savannah and Emmit cannot deny the chemistry which draws them together, but the closer they get, the more dangerous the stakes become. When a murderer is hidden amongst you, you can’t let the dead lie.
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Captivating, moving and surprising, this book is a great read
Feb 21, 2018
This story kicks off a new series from the talented Ms. Brooks. I am hooked on her stories and I can not wait to read the next book in this series. Quite frankly, she is an auto-read author for me now. I will pick up the book without reading her book blurb. I enjoyed going into this story cold. I wasn't sure what to expect. From the first page, the story pulled me in. As the story unfolds, the reader learns more about this McKay family. I'm in love with this family created from the heart. Read More
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Masterful Suspense on so many levels
Feb 10, 2018
The author spun a charming romance into something so much more. With subplots and the skillful use of minor characters life in a small town was realistic, even when strange things started happening. The plot was well paced, never leaving me waiting for the next shoe to drop. The characters developed and matured as the story unfolded. I was glad that no stereotypes shackled the author in the telling, good people had flaws. That doesn't happen in all stories, but it tugged at my heart strings Read More
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Operation: Chance
Feb 8, 2018
Reading a long book can sometimes be frustrating and leaving the reader bored. I hate reading books like that because it feels as if the story is dragging on the way past its limits. This book, however, changed my mind! The book starts out with a father of three girls, deceased wife Gracie due to cancer. The girls are the only thing that keeps Emmit McKay sane these days. He sold the home that he lived with his wife until she passed away and moved back into his childhood home. Casey is 10 yrs Read More
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