Love At Five Thousand Feet
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Book Type Fiction
Genre Romance
Pages 240
Publish Date Oct 18, 2017
ISBN 9781509217144 (Print)9781509217151 (eBook)
After her mother’s death, Dottie Lester moves to her parent’s hometown of Saplingville, Georgia with her alcoholic father. She wants to escape and go to live with her aunt in Macon, but first, she must get her father settled in his new job. When Dottie meets a handsome pilot and falls in love, her goal changes, but it is still no match for his desire to leave their small town behind and fly for a commercial airline. Victor Douglas, United States Army Air Corps pilot, returns to Saplingville to help his ailing father. He has been flying his own JN-4 Jenny bi-plane for years. That and his army experience qualify him to apply for a job as a commercial airline pilot and win a coveted job offer, but how can he leave his father now, or a budding romance with the pretty new girl in town?
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A Charming Story about a Simpler Time
Feb 14, 2018
In todays busy world, it's easy to idealize yesteryear, and more specifically that time in small towns. The author took a trip backwards 75-80 years and portrayed life in small town America. From the upper and lower societies having separate neighborhoods to the values that each had. Life wasn't portrayed as perfect, but is was obviously simpler. Once the reader understood that, then the slower pace and the lack of explosive action was fine. It's not a thriller, but instead a charming glimpse Read More
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Love at Five Thousand Feet ... Jane Lewis
Apr 22, 2018
This is a new Author for me I enjoyed reading this book the story is set in 1930in the small town of Saplingville, Georgia. This is Dottie Lester and United States Army Air Corps pilot Victor Douglas' and it kept me wanting to know what was going to happen. I would recommend it.
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