Oscar Down Under: Part One
Jack Ladd 2 Reviews
Oscar Down Under: Part One
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Book Type Fiction
Genre Erotica, LGBTQ
Publisher Jack Ladd
Publish Date Aug 25, 2017
ISBN 9781370741908 (Print)
Genre: Erotic Contemporary, MM, Travel Erotica, Self Discovery Oscar Down Under: Part One is the first in Jack Ladd's series following Oscar, a tall, dark and handsome thirty-something who's got it together: good job, great body and amazing boyfriend. Or does he? Once a manipulative and jaded party boy who didn't know how to love, Oscar is now older and wiser, navigating the waters of romance with a deep understanding of himself as his sails and an unshakable core of honesty his compass. But, forced to reflect on his past, Oscar must discover if his sails are strong enough and whether his compass will point him in the direction he desires. Oscar Down Under: Part One is the story of why Oscar the boy became so closed and uncaring and how, in a land far, far away, Oscar the man learned to open his heart.
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People and pathways
Dec 28, 2017
I did not read 'Oscar' before reading this and it read well enough alone. Read much like a biography (think interview with a vampire without vampires or paranormals). Readers follow Oscar, an older man, whom is dating a man ten years his junior. The two are out dining together when Oscar makes a confession and suggestion. His lover excuses himself. In the time frame his lover is gone (there was an estimation of about 20mins); Oscar reminisces on his own behavior and actions when he was about his Read More
Gold Reviewer
75 Reviews
For Oscar, he is sleeping this way through life with drugs, sex and alcohol. He embodies the negative stereotype of a gay man who is just in it for the sex - any hole will do. The thing is, Oscar can be so much more. This story starts out in the present with Oscar making a tentative offer to his lover to become an exclusive relationship living together. Or at least, not a long distance relationship with a booty call understanding. Oscar is a well traveled business man who is nervous about Read More
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