The Pas De Deux: A Classical Ballet Romance
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Book Type Fiction
Genre Romance
Pages 234
Publisher Curtain Call Press
Publish Date Feb 11, 2018
ISBN 9780998483023 (Print)9780998483054 (eBook)
Dance. That was their instruction. But fate tripped them up, and they fell in love. Under the fluorescent sun of ‘80s Hollywood, aging ballerina Peridot “Peri” Jones and her new partner, young Mark Maroulis, Jr., ignite a chemistry onstage that brings a dying ballet company back to life. Although wary of their age difference, they begin a highly charged love affair offstage. They keep the romance a secret because artistic director Mr. D considers Peri to be his. When Mr. D discovers their relationship, he wrenches Mark and Peri far apart. Will they be able to dance themselves back together? Lyrical and poignant, the story unfolds through the structure of a classical ballet grand pas de deux. It delves into themes of toxic masculinity, the sacrifices that art exacts from its practitioners, and the challenges of an inverse May/December relationship. The Pas de Deux combines the classical ballet setting of Billy Elliot and Astonish Me (Maggie Shipstead) with the upside-down romance of On the Island (Tracy Garvis-Graves).
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beautifully written; totally unforgettable
May 10, 2018
The Pas De Deux is a beautifully written story; totally unforgettable. I wish it hadn't taken me so long to read this book. I could've enjoyed it sooner! At first I was bothered by age difference between Peri and Mark, but it soon ceased to matter. I didn't even notice or remember it after awhile; I was totally caught up in the story. I have to commend Ms Bomboy on her characters--they were drawn skillfully and with compassion and larger than life. They're realistic and believable and it is easy Read More
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Paul L Arvidson
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Romances not my thing, but I loved this book!
Feb 21, 2018
Romances are not normally my thing. I a bit more of a rayguns and robots kinda guy, but I loved this book. I guess it touched something in me, I used to be a theatre technician. It’s the height of the 80’s: AIDS, Regan, The Berlin Wall. Fading Ballerina Peri changes partners and the new one, the young Mark, is full of surprises. Erin Bomboy draws a beautiful and believable ballet world (though for me it could use a Glossary for some of the ballet terms, I like a good glossary!) I think because Read More
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