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Book Type Fiction
Pages 368
Publisher TL Alexander
Publish Date Aug 4, 2017
ISBN 9780997514438 (eBook)
Dear reader Help this indie writer by leaving a review on Amazon. Thanks, TL Available for a limited time. A.K.A. A standalone romantic suspense that will keep you guessing until the very end. *. *. * A.K.A. A false reality of lust, love, and lies. Morgan Steel is a rising-star ADA from LA. When her half-sister is brutally murdered her world spins off course, tilts off its axis. Seeking justice, she commits the unthinkable and finds herself no longer living in a world of right or wrong, black or white. She finds herself living in a reality within a false reality of love, lust, betrayal, and murder. * * * "He looks into my amber eyes, and I wonder what he sees in them. They are my eyes but she's the woman he’s falling in love with. He’s falling for a woman who isn’t real. She’s a script, a character I play. I don’t want to accept this. I want to continue to bathe in my temperate pool of false reality, a false reality within a reality that is beginning to slip away from me." Morgan Steel
A.K.A. is a standalone romantic suspense told in three parts and two perspectives. It's available for a limited time. Add it to your list today! Please leave an honest review on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0748Z8H7Y, Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33118566-a-k-a, like me on FB and tell me what you think about my new romance, A.K.A. https://www.facebook.com/tlalexanderauthor/ To all of you wonderful readers that have read and reviewed my books, thank you! You Rock! TL
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Checkmate, You Loose
Oct 6, 2017
The game of chess has always annoyed me. I never could grasp the different moving rules for each piece. This book is about seeing a game being played. The only difference is that the pieces are human. Plots, scheming, blackmail, and murder are the main events in this book. Terrance Thomas Caldwell III is the rich son of a senator. He believes that he will be protected and his "messes" will be cleaned up for him. This time, however, he finds himself looking down the barrel of a loaded Read More
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Sep 16, 2017
This is a book that once started, you don't want to put down until finished and even then, you want so much more. I was really disappointed when I came to the end, I fell in love with the characters and the twists and turns just kept popping up and what I loved the best was that you had no idea what was coming in the end. It was brilliant, there was one moment at about 95% and when I read it, I thought you have got to be kidding me, is that it? But it wasn't, and I was ecstatic. This was a great Read More
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Aug 21, 2017
I must say that this was a truly riveting book. This is the first time that I have read a book by TL Alexander, and I am disappointed in myself that I missed out on such great writing. The author has an amazing way with words that makes the reader feel like they are actually witnessing everything that has occurred in person. There are some very serious issues covered in this book and it was written in such a way that crying, laughing, and screaming were prominent in my hours of reading. The situation Read More
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