Sherlock Holmes And The Sword Of Osman
Sherlock Holmes And The Sword Of Osman
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Book Type Fiction
Publisher MX Publishing
Publish Date Sep 16, 2015
ISBN 9781780927558 (Print)
It’s 1906. Far from England, the Ottoman Empire ruled by the despotic Sultan Abd-ul-Hamid 11 is on the verge of imploding. Rival Great Powers, especially Kaiser Wilhelm’s Germany, sit watching like crows on a fence, ready to rush in to carve up the vast territories, menacing England’s vital overland routes to her Indian possessions. At his medical practice in London’s Marylebone Watson receives a mystifying telegram. It’s from Holmes. ‘Dear Watson, if you can throw physic to the dogs for an hour or two I would appreciate meeting at the stone cross at Charing Cross railway station tomorrow noon. I have an assignation with a bird lover at the Stork & Ostrich House in the Regents Park which has excited my curiosity. Yrs. S.H.’ Watson finds the invitation puzzling. Why should such a mundane meeting at a Bird House excite the curiosity of Europe’s most famous investigating detective or anyone else? For old times’ sake Watson joins his old comrade-in-arms. Within days Holmes and Watson find themselves aboard HMS Dreadnought en route to Stamboul, a city of fabled opulence, high espionage and low intrigue. Their mission: at all costs stop a plot which could bring about the immediate collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Praise for Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Einstein's Daughter: "Excitingly and surprisingly, yes, a true Sherlock does live today, but he's not on TV but instead in the pages of this book....Symonds' historical research has not only been extensive, but indeed staggering in its depth and scope: though fiction, his novel imparts more turn-of-the-century European history than many actual works of historiography are able to convey. Yet getting the details all just-so is only one key to writing quality historical fiction: the other part of the game is making the narrative engaging, and Symonds passes that test with flying colors, too, offering us a somewhat unconventional but totally engrossing mystery.... Highly recommended."
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Holmes is at it again
Sep 13, 2015
One must always be wary when a new author takes on beloved fictional characters. However, Mr. Symonds has done justice to Holmes and Watson. Sherlock Holmes and the Sword of Osman is full of the intrigue, deception, feats of deduction by Holmes, and puzzlement by Watson at how Holmes figured things out for which the Sherlock Holmes stories are known. I particularly liked how the author wove geopolitical intrigue into the story, discussing the various issues, concerns, and possible objectives of the Read More
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A Treat for all Sherlock Holmes Fans!!!
Sep 3, 2015
I got fascinated with Sherlock Holmes after having been introduced to his adventures in the recent BBC series. The TV series came off as funny, witty and engaging for me, and I was eager to read what a book on Sherlock has in store. It has made me a greater fan of Sherlock more than ever! I enjoyed the story and the plot very much. It definitely has a lot of depth, and gives an insightful glimpse into the teamwork and camaraderie of Sherlock and Watson in solving mysteries. Sherlock and Watson Read More
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