Monarchs And Mendicants
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Series Gifford Ulrich (Book 1)
Book Type Fiction
Pages 283
Publisher Createspace
Publish Date Dec 12, 2014
ISBN 1492736007 (Print)
In the midst of a war between the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, the kings and the pawns, one man fights his way from despair to hope. When a fourth homeless man is murdered by the Hacker, Gifford Ulrich leaves downtown St. Louis carrying his belongings on his back and wanders into the Benoit Neighborhood searching for shelter and safety. He finds abandoned buildings and abandoned people; beggars, drunks, drug addicts, gamblers; the outcasts; the unusual, the unbalanced, and the unlucky. His job cleaning bricks leads him to discover hidden forces at work in Benoit that throw him in the middle of danger and death. To fight his way off the streets, Giff must rely on his military training, his knife, and an anger born of loss. The only way to survive the passage from tragedy to triumph is to kill or be killed. Book 1 in the Gifford Ulrich Series The Journey Begins: Gifford Ulrich didn’t know the distance from despair to hope, but he knew hope didn’t sleep in alleys. On this morning his first waking moments were filled with the audible lamenting breath of having survived another winter night on the streets of St. Louis, those onerous recurring sighs that had become his respiration. Endurance was not an uplifting miracle to him, but a depressing fact. Not the surprise, “Hallelujah, I’m alive,” but the admission, “Oh, I’m still here.”
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Inspiring and Gripping Novel
Feb 7, 2016
Monarchs and Mendicants by Dan Groat is a spectacular and thrilling novel. This is an exceptional book which is packed with adventure, suspense and crime. The story revolves around the character, Gifford, who is an ex-Navy Seal. He is homeless and lives on the streets. He has a painful past of losing important people in his life. One day, he wakes up and finds out that his fellow homeless friend, Raphael, whom he was very close to, has been murdered by a serial killer, The Hacker. This serial Read More
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Helping the homeless
Jan 7, 2016 (Edited Jan 7, 2016)
This was one of the more interesting and unique books I have read in quite a while. Definitely worth 4+ stars. The book focuses on the Benoit neighborhood in St. Louis, a rundown area sparsely populated, mostly by the homeless (the mendicants (beggars)) and controlled by Mr. Movay (the monarch) and his thugs. Gifford Ulrich is a solitary sole who looks out for himself and no-one else. However, when the guy who taught him how to survive on the streets is killed by a serial killer preying on the Read More
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Oct 20, 2015
Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review. Gifford (who is homeless) has lost all including his only close friend that a serial killer, "The Hacker", has killed. Gifford moves on and this intense story takes flight. This will make you think, feel for the characters and challenge you. Groat is a master storyteller. I would highly recommend this book.
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