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Book Type Fiction
Pages 252
Publish Date Sep 8, 2017
ISBN 9781509216178 (Print)9781509216185 (eBook)
Caitlin Abernathy hasn’t had time for men in her life. She’s been busy building her custom designed jewelry business. Professor Colin Stryker is a confirmed bachelor and happy to be so – that is, until he meets Caitlin. An amulet, a small jeweled dragon stolen from the Louvre in Paris five years ago, turns up mysteriously among Caitlin’s jewels. How did it get there among her lapis and turquoise and amber? Attempting to return the amulet to its home at the Louvre, Caitlin finds herself in desperate flight from thieves who will stop at nothing to regain the amulet they consider theirs by rights. Her life hangs in the balance. Can Colin save Caitlin and return the priceless artifact to its rightful home? ........................................................................................................ Reviews: The elegance and beauty of Paris as the central backdrop for the intrigue, adds color and movement to the drama. .. I was drawn back to my memories of Paris--the sights, sounds and aromas. It's these small touches that inject an extra dimension, a 'je ne sais quoi' into the mix. -- Heather, eyes2creviews.blogspot.ca Escape Rating A - Just as with all of this author’s work, Fatal Charm kept me going back to its mystery and adventure all day long, until I finally gave in and just finished it. I started at lunch and couldn’t stop myself from turning the last page after midnight. I just had to see how it all turned out. -- Marlene, https://www.readingreality.net/
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Fun, and sexy
Sep 28, 2017
This is the first book that I have read by Blair McDowell and I enjoyed it tremendously. She has a way with words, they flow beautifully and build an amazing story. The way that she connects Colin, Aristotle, and Caitlin and describes their individual relationships as well as the individual relationships makes this book a very enjoyable read. Thank you NetGalley and Blair McDowell for letting me read and review this book.
Comment from the Author
Thank you so much, Lauriebeemer. I love your review!
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Engaging novel!
Sep 3, 2017
Fatal Charm is the latest novel by Blair McDowell. Caitlin Abernathy is a jeweler in San Francisco, California. She is on her way to an important appointment when she is accosted by two men. They steal her jewelry case with her samples. Caitlin is surprised when police come to her studio. She is told that her boyfriend, Allen Thompson is dead. Who would want to hurt an accountant? Caitlin is in her store when Dr. Colin Stryker arrives. He needs a gift for his mother and Caitlin’s assistant, Read More
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Love Is Blind
Oct 4, 2017
Diamonds have always been blamed for becoming a criminal. Something about the way that they shine in the light can entice the eyes. Caitlin Abernathy lives her life in a routine. She works in her jewelry shop creating one of a kind pieces. She don't have time for dating nor does she have the urge. While heading to a potential client that would catapult her jewelry into bigger places, she is attacked and looses the jewelry. If that is not bad enough she gets word that a platonic friend has been Read More
Comment from the Author
Thanks for the review, Heartracer. I have not had the comment about the words before, so I'm sorry you had some difficulty, but very glad you enjoyed the story!
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One long chase, filled with suspense at every turn.
Sep 19, 2017
I have to say up front, I was sucked into the story and loved the book from the very opening pages. The good guys were really nice, and the bad guys were evil. The dance between the two was carefully played out in a way that kept the pace and action moving along nicely. The story was not formulaic, it had plenty of surprises and twists and turns. But characters did play their parts reliably. The plot was interesting, I've wondered and I'm sure I'm not the only one that has been curious about Read More
Comment from the Author
Thank you so much for the well written and professional review. I appreciate it very much. Regards Blair McDowell
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