The Snows
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Book Type Fiction
Publisher K.M. Daughters
Publish Date Aug 21, 2014
ISBN 9780990691105 (Print)0990691101 (eBook)
A UNIVERSAL SIGN WILL APPEAR PRECEDING THE APPEARANCE OF GOD. A PERMANENT SIGN WILL REMAIN – WONDROUS AND INEXPLICABLE ON EARTHLY TERMS The world's reckoning with God is imminent. Anna Babic Robbins, a Marian visionary from the remote Adriatic village, Valselo, is entrusted with the mission of delivering a parchment that documents unprecedented future events to a Chicago parish priest. The priest is charged with "shepherding" mankind to fulfill God's plan. Four devoted friends since grammar school at the Chicago suburban St. Mary Academy, the “Belles of St. Mary’s”: Bernadette O’Neal, a local television journalist on the Now Chicago show, married to an atheist; Tina Hernandez, a teacher at the women’s high school alma mater, married to a former teacher falsely accused of child molestation; Marlo Waters, a single supermodel; and Laci Marshall, the CFO for a non-profit organization engaged to a homicide detective, visit Las Vegas for Laci’s lavish bachelorette party when the universal sign appears. When God speaks, He whispers in the form of a seven-day, worldwide, impossible snowfall. The women and their loved ones witness the spectacle of the permanent sign, join humanity in facing judgment “before the throne” immediately after the sign appears, and grapple with how best to alter their lives before it’s too late after a preview of final judgment. WHEN GIVEN BY THE CREATOR HIMSELF, WILL THE HUMAN RACE TAKE THE SECOND CHANCE?
Dear Reviewer, The Snows is a contemporary fiction in interlacing genres: suspense, spirituality and women's fiction. It was inspired by contemporary Marian prophesy - what if heaven gave us a sign and then left something tangible on the earth to commemorate and remind us of that phenomenon? K.M. Daughters' answer: The Snows.
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Uplifting!! Fantastic!!
Jun 21, 2015
The Snows is a very enjoyable, heartwarming read that has left me uplifted, touched, and wanting for more! It is a story of 4 longtime close friends who cheerfully meet up for a get-together, reminiscing on fun times about their past. But underneath their seemingly successful exterior, each of them are dealing with their own struggles, something they would rather not want to share even among close friends. Then a life-changing experience occurs with a spiritual encounter with God. Their struggles Read More
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Who knows whats in the hearts of men.
Nov 22, 2015
When this wholesome, seemingly religious story started to spread its fingers out in its many directions in a surprisingly strong storyline, I felt a bit of a sceptic as to where it would lead, but open enough to see how far it would go.... In the beginning I was led gently by the hand to meet, ponder and contemplate each new players life in a evolving story of many ordinary people confronted with the unknown, some of them came with faith and some without, along with those who thought they Read More
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Enlightening and Inspiring
Nov 5, 2015
'The Snows' took me a few days to read, but I am glad I stuck with it. It began sort of slow in the beginning, having to gather the characters and establish a story. In the end, you're glad you read it and are a 'believer' in the power of prayer, religion, a belief system and purity in its highest form - no matter the form your belief is rooted in. The story was enlightening in a way that wasn't shoving religious beliefs down your throat, but allowing you to see from varying positions that the Read More
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Inspirational and thought-provoking
Jul 17, 2015
Being a Christian, I have sometimes thought about the end of the world or Judgement Day. At that time, as I'm led to believe, there's no more second chances. But here in this story, people are given a second chance, heralded by the sign, to change their lives. Specifically, it touched on four friends with different situations and how they responded to this event. Would they repent and make a change or go on as before? Inspirational and thought-provoking! Causes me to pause and reflect on my life. Read More
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Thought Provoking.
Sep 28, 2015 (Edited Sep 28, 2015)
When you know that the end of the world is coming, what will you do? The book talks about four close friends, who have their own issues that they need to face, and how they respond knowing that the end of the world is coming. The story is well written and the author writes the characters in detail, allowing us to go through their experiences as if we were really there. The author gives a lot of attention to detail and the issues that are challenging the characters are relevant to our times. The Read More
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What A Great Novel!
Feb 28, 2016 (Edited Apr 5, 2016)
Miraculous Signs A Message From God Will The World Listen Do you not have to be religious to enjoy this novel. STORY LINE: Three children in Croatia, Anna, Elizabeta, and Josip, receive visitations from The Lords Mother, Mary. They continued to commune with her through adulthood. Anna, the only one to know the full details, is commanded to deliver 7 prophesies, known as the Marian Prophesies or The Prophecies of Valselo, to God's messenger, Father Mark McKenzie. Father McKenzie Read More
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