Beyond The Grave Series Box Set (books 1 & 2)
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Book Type Fiction
Pages 729
Publisher Sunset Coast Publishing
Publish Date Feb 25, 2018
ISBN 9780994402967 (eBook)
Available in: EPUB, Kindle
The first two full-length novels in the bestselling, award-winning BEYOND THE GRAVE series! Sage and Ethan’s complete story: 729 Pages THE SEER’S DAUGHTER (124,000 words) THE ALCHEMIST’S SON (122,000 words) As featured on AusRom Today: "...the perfect culmination of paranormal mystery with steamy and sensual romance and just enough suspense and intrigue to guarantee a chilling, goosebump-invoking, story line... The Seer's Daughter would be a brilliant option for adaption to screen--there's a television series/movie in here for absolute certain." " chilling as it is sexy... This is much more than a romance." The Romance Reviews, 5 stars Top Pick "Edge of your seat suspense...If you like John Saul or Dean Koontz with a side of intense Romance this is your next read.Clear a section of time from your day because you will not want to put this book down once you have it in your hands." 5 Stars, Amazon review "One of my most favorite reads this year!... It's almost like Stephen King meets Christina Dodd." 5 Stars, Amazon review "...a perfect blend of paranormal fiction and romantic suspense that had me completely captivated to the very last page... flawlessly delivered."-Faridah, 5 stars, Readers' Favorite *********** THE SEER’S DAUGHTER (Beyond the Grave, Book 1) To save her, he must let go of everything he ever believed. Upon returning to her hometown for her grandmother’s funeral, Sage Matthews is terrorized by a series of strange events. She dismisses each eerie occurrence as a by-product of her overwrought emotional state, until it becomes chillingly clear that something not of this world is desperate to get a message—or is it a warning?—through to her… Detective Sergeant Ethan Blade comes to Cryton, South Australia, to catch a serial killer. When Ethan meets Sage—the latest victim’s beautiful granddaughter—his attraction to her is explosive and inconvenient. He knows she’s not crazy, but Sage’s theory about the murders is unbelievable. With the handsome detective rejecting her ideas, Sage embarks on the supernatural journey that her grandmother started. What she discovers shatters everything Sage ever knew about herself—and who she really is. Ethan’s routine case quickly turns personal when he discovers Sage is the killer’s next target. For her, he’ll break all the rules and cross every line. But how can he protect Sage from an evil he cannot even conceive of? ******** THE ALCHEMIST’S SON (Beyond the Grave, Book 2) The thrilling conclusion to Sage and Ethan’s journey that began in The Seer’s Daughter. A town with a dark secret. A detective digging for the truth. A discovery that leads to an unthinkable sacrifice. For one hundred years, a demon has been watching, waiting, plotting… White witch Sage Matthews has inherited a gift that makes her both integral to an ancient prophecy and a target for a demon-possessed serial killer. Assigned to catch the killer, Detective Sergeant Ethan Blade falls wildly, and inconveniently, in love with the one woman he doesn’t know how to protect. Together Sage and Ethan delve into the prophecy, and the more they learn, the more deadly their situation becomes. At midnight on the night of the blood moon, an ancient doorway will open, and a master demon and his horde will pour through and unleash hell on earth. Only Sage can stop their onslaught—but not if the demon kills her first. With the blood moon looming, Sage discovers she can join forces with “the alchemist’s son” to destroy the demon. But who is the alchemist’s son? And will he be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice required to end this struggle between light and dark forever?
The Seer's Daughter and The Alchemist's Son are the first two books in the Beyond the Grave Series, and are Sage and Ethan's complete story. This is a sexy, supernatural suspense for a mature audience 18+
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Awesome read
Apr 28, 2018
Awesome reads. Very well written and once you start reading you can't put them down. The characters and the story fit so well together makes you feel like you are there. It is exciting, suspenseful, intriguing, fun and so much more. I can't wait to read more. I was given a review copy by Reading Alley and review it.
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