Dead Men Don't Talk
Dead Men Don't Talk
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Series A Daisy Red-Tail Novel (Book 1)
Book Type Fiction
Publisher Deb Sanders
Publish Date May 5, 2015
A cozy style mystery with a lot of charm. When feisty Southern Belle and caterer, Daisy O'Connor is drawn into the search for a missing person on a Native American reservation, she realizes it will take more than Sweet Tea to make the locals talk. Daisy swore she’d never return to Piney Creek Indian Reservation after her step-father tried to kill her, and she kept that vow for fifteen years - until her adopted Lakota grandfather summoned her to find his missing grandson. Upon arrival, Daisy uses her Southern charm to dig for information, and finds it works exceedingly well on everyone . . . except John Greyhawk, Deputy Chief of Tribal Police. Greyhawk proves a thorn in her side as Daisy attempts to unravel the mystery behind Eddie Black Crow’s disappearance, A few “white lies” and a slice of Chocolate Cola Cake later, she determines the big brute's heart is as cold as a frog’s behind . . . and just as unpleasant. Things turn dark when her investigation uncovers a more sinister situation, one that might send her home – in a body bag. Added Bonus!!! Recipe for Daisy’s Chocolate Cola Cake
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Back on the Rez'
Jun 15, 2015
AWESOME BOOK!! I read this all in one sitting, staying up all night to finish it. Daisy is summoned back to the reservation by her adopted Grandfather to help find his missing grandson. She doesn't want to go, but forces stronger than her have intervened and before she knows it she is back in South Dakota. The plot is great, the locations are great and yet sad at the same time. Daisy will encounter drama, comedy, danger, new friendships and a really hot Tribal cop. What else could a girl who sees Read More
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Daisy's journey back home
Dec 31, 2015 (Edited Dec 31, 2015)
Take a feisty southern girl originally from the Rez and make her go back and solve a mystery featuring a former classmate who use to torment her, her grandfather and a missing old friend and you have a rather unique and interesting not to mention charming mystery on your hands. You’ll have laughter and some really good quips and you’ll definitely enjoy Daisy, her grandfather and Grey Hawk. So when you get a chance check it out and enjoy.
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11 Reviews
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Sassy Southerner returns to the Rez
Sep 11, 2015 (Edited Sep 11, 2015)
One day, the Great Spirit brought all creation together. . . “I want to hide something from our people until they are ready to learn.” “What is it?” he was asked. “The knowledge that people create their own reality.” Daisy O’Connor knows about creating her own reality. With a mother who drug her along like a rag doll from husband to husband, she had to become self-sufficient. Then, when husband number whatever, Running Bear, beat Daisy unconscious, Daisy and her mother left the Read More
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I'll take my mystery with a side of sass
Aug 23, 2015
Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed the heck out of this story; Daisy was just a perfect little slice of the south. Between her determination to solve what happened to Eddie, helping her grandfather, and trying (and failing) to deal with John Greyhawk, this girl was juggling a lot of different hats. She manages it all, however, even with the few slip ups along the way. Add in her attitude and the southern sayings she throws around like confetti Read More
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A Great Cozy
Jul 17, 2015 (Edited Jul 17, 2015)
When Daisy and her mother fled the Reservation years before due to Daisy almost being killer by her Step-Father, she never thought she would return. Daisy's step-brother seemed t be in trouble again so Daisy packed up and left her catering job, not knowing what the reservation had in store for her. Daisy would soon find out she fled more then an evil step-father when she left. This was a great cozy read!! I enjoyed all of the characters and I enjoyed the way her adopted Grandfather taught Read More
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