Forged In Fire
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Series The Fire Chronicles (Book 2)
Book Type Fiction
Pages 364
Publish Date Nov 28, 2017
ISBN 1509217878 (Print)1509217885 (eBook)
Available in: PDF, EPUB, Kindle
Beth Leighton moved to Scotland to marry the love of her life. But then he betrays her and she is fatally shot. However the Archangel Remiel interferes, and she awakes to find herself in 18th century England. Alive but confused and lost, she wants to go home. Despite a roguish and handsome highwayman. Christopher “Kit” Locke is haunted by his past mistakes and lives on danger’s edge, not caring if he lives or dies. He will leave that choice to Fate. Intrigued by the spirited Beth, he is drawn from his spiraling descent and is enlisted to help steal an evil artifact, the Viper’s Eye, a demonic soul-stealing jewel. While the Archangel and the Duke of Hell battle it out, both Beth and Kit must also fight evil. When the stone seeks Kit's soul can Beth's love keep him from falling victim to the Viper's Eye or will she lose Kit to Hell's fire?
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Tortured characters with soul.
Jan 23, 2018
The story started predictably enough. Only things went south in a hurry, the villain isn't supposed to be able to murder the star of the story. The story shifted and began again in the past where it suddenly became a period romance. Time travel romances aren't that unusual, and the usual oddities like modern terms came up as expected. But that wasn't what this story was about. We all face temptations, some more tempting than others. This story was about people who faced temptations and how they Read More
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