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I'm a voracious reader and an author of erotic romance stories.
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Charming chick lit!
Everly, the heroine of Fat Girl Begone! is the most relatable heroine I’ve read in ages. She yo-yo diets and she totally does not have her s*** together. She’s smart and hard-working, though, and she deserves so much better than the a-hole who dumps her at the beginning of the book for dieting too much - not for being fat, but basically for inconveniencing him with her lifestyle. Let’s face it, we’ve all had one of those days when drowning in a bottle of tequila sounds like a fantastic Read More
Absolutely delightful!
This is Book 4 in the Silk series, but stands perfectly well alone. And it is an absolute delight. Etta Wilding-Marsh is a very unconventional young lady indeed. The daughter of a Cambridge don, she longs to study the law, an utter impossibility for a woman in the Regency era. She has only disdain for the irresponsible young men who take for granted that which she may never have, and her particular ire is reserved for Lord Christopher Hiddleston. The lord never failed to accept an opportunity Read More
Seriously, what the heck was going on?
I'm still utterly bemused as to what on earth was going on in this novella. Upon finishing it, I actually went to the author's Amazon page to figure out where it fit in the series... to discover that it's not part of a series at all. It's a standalone. Which is really strange, because it reads like the last 25% of a full historical romance novel, which I thought might have been serialized. The problem is that there is no beginning to this story. It picks up at the resolution of an established Read More
Magical Fixes for disability spoiled this for me
Shifting Darkness is the fourth book in the A Forest Of Darkness series, and it has a really intriguing premise - a shapeshifter hero who can't shift and is plagued by debilitating weakness. Vince is also Asian, ticking off another diversity box for the book. Slight spoiler; I suspected from the beginning that Vince's disability would have some Magical Solution, and I was right. While Vince's struggles with his weakness and inability to shift are well written throughout the book, paralleling Read More
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Fabulous addition to the series!
Girl Unseen is the third installment in Athena Daniels' Beyond The Grave series. I also reviewed the first two books in the series, The Seer's Daughter and The Alchemist's Son. While those two books really needed to be read as a pair, Girl Unseen works quite well as a standalone; though characters and events from the first two books are referenced, it is not done so much as to bemuse a reader new to the series. The book should probably have a few trigger warnings; kidnapping, child sexual abuse Read More
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A hero behaving unheroically
Breaking The Honor Code is the second book I've read in Stanalei Fletcher's Northstar Security series - you can read my review of Proving Ground here. While loosely connected, each book is absolutely readable as a standalone; you don't get characters from previous books popping up all over the place to confuse the main plot and the romance between the two leads. Allison is Northstar's 'cyborg queen', a brilliant, geeky young woman who genuinely loves her job. When Northstar receives a threat Read More
Great heroine
In this Western historical romance, Elizabeth Coltrane comes home to Texas, to the ranch she stands to one day inherit and the man who rejected her six years ago. Scarred from a mountain lion attack when she was a child, and bearing new emotional scars after the fiancé she found in New York cheated on her, she is in no mood to put up with domineering nonsense from Chase Cameron, her father's trusted foreman... and the man she's been in love with ever since he saved her from the mountain lion who Read More
Intriguing heroine and a wonderful romance!
In The Last Resort, Ember Leigh has created one of the more intriguing romantic heroines I’ve ever read. Rose is the very opposite of the ‘girly girl’; the former Marine is now a baby bounty hunter, employed by desperate parents to reclaim their children when the legal system fails to enforce court mandated custody. An expert in jiujitsu, Rose is in her element beating up bad guys but completely lost when it comes to matters of the heart. Getting stranded in a snowbound hotel under renovation Read More
I think I've got whiplash
I think I've got a case of whiplash from how hard the theme changed smack bang in the middle of this book. The first half was the sweetest, fluffiest romance I've ever read... seriously, I was reading a lot of it with raised eyebrows, wondering where the heck the conflict was going to come from, or if there was even going to be any. And then BAM. Without any warning, all that sweet fluffiness is ripped away, and the entire second half of the book is basically just one massive storm of angst. Read More
I don't know who the protagonist is.
Enchanters is an epic YA fantasy novel. That... is about the only thing I can tell you for certain about it, since after reading all 534 pages, I'm still not sure exactly who the protagonist was. Nor do I really have a clue about the world of Damea and the rules of its magic, since the 'magic loss' which was basically the entire quest line of the novel was in the end resolved by such a blatant deus ex machina that I found myself turning back a few pages going "Wait, what the hell just happened? Read More
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