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J.S. Danielle hails from Miami, Florida. She is a native there and graduate of Florida State University. It was while in attendance there, J.S. honed her talent for poetry. The love of a good book didn't surface until years ago when J.S. wrote her first short story. She is a mother of two girls and lover of sports: from football to baseball, soccer to golf. She plays as much as she likes and reads whenever the mood or release of a good book hits her.
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Yes! Third time is a charm!
I'm extremely glad to be able to write a good word for Resisting Darkness. Depth, intrigue, mystery and love...all of them combined in this great tell. Ethan can't make heads or tails of what he wants to do more and beauty with an attitude only seems to make it worse! From beginning to end, an eventful story chocked full of "eye-openers", "wait and sees", theN, that "can't wait" feeling! Awesome job and thank you for the privilege to read it.
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Better the second time around
Wow! Just...wow. The sequel in this series was proof that the Author isn't a one-hit! Sebastian is that bad boy women fear in public but want in private and Jade thinking she wants a "quiet, nice, shy guy" is wrecked when the two collide. A great follow up to an already awesome first in the series!
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What everyone looks for...
I really enjoyed this book! The ebb and flow of the story kept me interested and it was nice to see from a male's point-of-view that there is an inherent need for men to have what all of us women want also! Well done! It is truly a good read and can't wait to read he others!
Great Read, Gripping and Suspenseful
I really enjoyed picking up where this series leaves off. I was anxious to get back to it and find out what happened to the group. More so this story's character in Ria. She's so anxious to find what everyone else has in their true love. Their one and only. And just when it seems like she's found him...there's a monkey wrench in her fairy tale. The Author keeps you spellbound with great scenes and descriptive story-telling!
Familiar and Extremely Entertaining
I enjoyed this book very much. It was an interesting and arresting read. I finished it in 2 days and can't wait to read what continues to happen with the characters of the book! I like Dani. She's strong and thinks before she acts, but there's a soft side to her that can't be ignored. Ian...who doesn't love a handsome man - glad he came to his senses.
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Oh. My. Gosh.
I can't even find the words! I'm out of breath, exasperated from the amount of suspense and breath-taking moments in the book, I'm relieved...to say the least. Cliffhanger be damned, I loved this book. Congrats Tara for writing a very well-written series! Even though it's not over...and I still want more? I'm ecstatic for you.
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Edgy, Had My Heart Racing!
I enjoyed the sequel to Promise Me. It was totally engrossing and well written. There were times I wanted to throttle Sarelle. Then again, I've never been in her shoes and probably would have been just as conflicted - at times. I loved the way the Author kept you on your toes, anxiously awaiting what came next - then just as thrilled at the outcome of what came next. Awesome book and thoroughly enjoyable.
A Refreshing Surprise
Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing exhibited in this book. The bill at between the characters, while displaying thorough knowledge of the "world" in which they dwelled kept me interested and wanting more. I really enjoyed that the person of interest was a heroine and albeit an outcast of sorts, able to stand her ground and deliver!
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Scary but Titillating
I enjoyed reading this book. It both scared me and kept me interested at the same time. I felt sort of like punching Sarelle one minute, then holding her the next in a tight hug or ogling her the next like an idiot watching her make all of those decisions most of us would have no problems leaving be. It was enticing and engulfing and full of questions to yourself: would this be me? In some cases, yes. In others, probably not. But mostly just enthralled by what could be.
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Enlightening and Inspiring
'The Snows' took me a few days to read, but I am glad I stuck with it. It began sort of slow in the beginning, having to gather the characters and establish a story. In the end, you're glad you read it and are a 'believer' in the power of prayer, religion, a belief system and purity in its highest form - no matter the form your belief is rooted in. The story was enlightening in a way that wasn't shoving religious beliefs down your throat, but allowing you to see from varying positions that the Read More
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