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I am an author nestled in the heart of the Appalachia. I write fiction, novels and short stories, and non-fiction articles.
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Very interesting
Legacy of evil cover In full disclosure, I was given a copy of this through Reading Alley for my review. The cover wonderfully illustrates many of the features inside the pages: horses, motorcycles, a historic hotel, and a man and woman passionately tangled up. This is a fantasy/ suspense novel dealing with terrorism on US soil. It could certainly be called paranormal too. And don’t forget the romance. Emma Horserider is the heroine. She is a former Marine, a horse whisperer, and she is Read More
Hard to believe it would lead to a HEA with so many obstacles between them, but it did.
Disclaimer: I was given an ARC by the author’s publisher, Harlequin, in exchange for an honest review. How can we expect a relationship to build and last? She was a thief and pickpocket, looking for a mark before skipping town. He accidentally snagged her bracelet as she went for his wallet. She’s on the run from a husband she left on her wedding day. He hires her to work in the family bar. Not exactly great attributes to lay a strong foundation in a relationship. Yet, through careful Read More
Edge of Truth will leave you on the edge of your seat
First off, let me say this is not my normal genre; being a military/action/suspense/romance. It takes place in Somalia and I don't normally travel far from the US or Europe in my readings. So I went with an open mind, wondering where this new adventure in reading would take me. This is a 400 page book that spans about two days. To say the book is riddled with action is an understatement. Tess Newell, strong willed and devoted-to-the-cause American journalist, is about to blow the lid off the Read More
Good story, honestly dealing with PTSD and vets
In full disclosure, I received an ARC from the author’s publisher in exchange for an honest review. This is third in the Wind River Ranch series by Lindsey McKenna, each one telling the story of different characters who come to the Bar C Ranch in Wyoming and soon call it home. Each is a stand-alone book, however, there are numerous references to people from previous books. Publisher’s blurb: Kira Duval was part of a Special Forces team that got caught in an ambush–leaving only two wounded Read More
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A good story, which could have been a little better.
The cover, plot, and setting drew me in. I received this story from Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review. Blind since birth, Abbey Morrison is confident and proficient in her world, the only world she’s ever known. Despite the family and friendships she has in the small fishing village, and her father’s unfailing love, she is still lonely. Disfigured and scarred from war injuries, Irish immigrant Jeremy McKetcheon, finds work and solitude in self-isolation as a lighthouse keeper Read More
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High expectations, big let down
I was prepared to like this story. The cover is great. The storyline is promising. I settled in for a memorable read. In the end, "Shattered Lies" did not live up to its promise. While I hate to bad talk any author's work, I was disappointed with this book. The main character, Kate Thayer, came across as immature. A divorced, thirty-year-old veterinarian, I had high hopes for her. Yet I never saw her working as at vet. She was only around the esteemed family horses one time, for a couple Read More
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Timely, real writing, with humor, for serious issues. Good Boy is a Good Job.
I first began reading A Good Boy because it was set in an area I am familiar with and I was curious to know if the author could credibly write with knowledge or had he simply tossed a dart to a map. I was pleasantly surprised to find he was indeed credible and detailed in the building of the setting. Even those not familiar with the area will become comfortable with the setting. There are doubtlessly people and churches just like the author portrayed here, as I have known some of each. A dying Read More
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