Exclusive Interview with Susan Mann, Author of The Librarian and the Spy
May 10, 2017 Interview
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Susan is here to talk about her latest book, the scrumptiously delicious action-adventure The Librarian and the Spy, which is now available in stores everywhere! Click here for more information about the book and the current reviews. Q: After reading the blurb, I thought, what a cool story. What's your inspiration for this story? Thank you! Most people are well-acquainted with librarian stereotype: the dour, bun-sporting humorless scold who wants nothing more than suck the joy out of life. In fact, librarians are just the opposite. They’re smart and funny and irreverent and their job is to help people. In writing THE LIBRARIAN AND THE SPY, I wanted to challenge those stereotypes by showcasing a young, attractive, witty, resourceful librarian who is more than willing to race headlong into adventure. I’ve always loved all things spy, so having Quinn get mixed up with a handsome covert operative was the obvious choice. Q: Tell us more about Quinn Ellington. What makes her a heroine we would root for? Quinn is like any of us. She has a normal job, spends time with her family, drives a twenty year-old car, and shares a small apartment with her cat. And despite barely making ends meet, she’s grateful for what she has. At the same time, though, she yearns for a little adventure to come her way. I think most of us can relate to that. So when adventure does arrive, wrapped up in a yummy, handsome library patron/spy, we’re thrilled for her and right with her, ready to go along for the ride. Q: What makes them perfect for each other? They make each other laugh and love the verbal sparring, the fun give and take. They also share a strong sense of duty and are prepared to do what it takes to keep others safe, even if it means putting themselves in peril. And then there’s the mutual physical attraction. They’re both smitten from the get go. Q: Please share a fun and intriguing fact or experience during the research of writing this book. James and Quinn meet when he comes into the library and asks for her to help him find out more about a brooch. During the course of her reference interview, she realizes the brooch in question is Celtic and used to fasten cloaks, not the kind Queen Elizabeth II wears. In my research of Her Majesty’s brooches, I learned one of her favorites—one she still often wears—is the Flame Lily brooch. She received it as a twenty-first birthday present when she, her parents, and sister toured southern Africa in 1947. It was the brooch she wore when she returned to England from Kenya when her father died. It makes me wonder if she loves it, not only because of its beauty and simplicity, but because it reminds her of her beloved father and a family trip. Q: That's fascinating. What's up next for you? I’m currently getting Quinn and James’s next two escapades ready to be released into the world. A COVERT AFFAIR, their second adventure, is coming August 29, 2017. In it, they travel to India, tasked to locate a long lost library. The title of the third is still under wraps. I can say it features a tropical paradise, a former imperial city, and a Mediterranean playground of the rich and famous. Overall, I’d have to say that’s a pretty great life for a librarian and her spy. About the Author I write contemporary romance novels infused with humor, adventure, and suspense. My first book, The Librarian and the Spy, features, unsurprisingly, a librarian and a spy. Write what you know, they say. So I did. The librarian part, not the spy part. My writing career didn’t begin until I was in my late 40s. Now I’m honored to be one of those odd people who will have their first book published after 50. Seriously, you just never know where life will take you. I have a Bachelor of Arts in History from UCLA (Go Bruins) and a Master’s degree in Library Science from San Jose State University (Go Spartans). I live in Superior, Colorado (where 100 years ago the coal was deemed to be of “superior” quality), with my husband, Ken, our daughter, Sarah (when she’s not away at college), and Lucy the Golden Retriever. When I’m not writing, I read, eat, and watch more sports than is probably healthy. I’ve been known to do all three at the same time. I am represented by Rena Rossner, literary agent extraordinaire at The Deborah Harris Agency. Website
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